ClearForms makes it easy to continually refine your processes, because you can edit your workflow any time, even after it's launched with the public.

The first time you set up a workflow, you can work on it in draft form as long as you like (e.g. adding steps, fields, and moving things around). In order to test it yourself or share it with others on your staff for testing, you'll need to hit the green "Publish" button at the top right.

Once you do, the default view from the Workflow page will be your stats/ overview view. You'll always see the "Start workflow" button at the top right

  1. The ability to start the process yourself (always the best first step and a good way to catch typos and other errors). To launch your new workflow yourself, just hit the Start button.

CityGrows Start Workflow drop down

2. The link to the workflow Start page so you can share it with others. We strongly recommend getting other team members to test out your workflow before you share them with the public. To get the link for the workflow for testing (or posting to your government's website) you can just click on the copy icon (the two little boxes) and then email it to colleagues, paste it in a chat, or add it to a website. That's all that's needed for a ClearForms workflow to be live (other than making your your Team is set up and everything is ready to go!).

Most of the time it takes at least a few rounds of thinking through the Steps, the content of the workflow, and the language you're using to get it right, often because bringing a process that was on paper for a long time online creates some new opportunities. It's easier to have staff review applications earlier in the workflow, for example - this can be a great way to reduce errors. Some governments want applicants to pay early in the workflow, to makes sure staff time spent reviewing applications is covered, while others move payments to late in the workflow to ensure that a permit or license fee has been reviewed to ensure it's been accurately projected and calculated. 

With ClearForms, you can try different combinations of Steps and questions, test them out, and keep refining your workflow. And you can keep improving it even after it's in use by the public, just remember that if you change a workflow, any applicant will continue with the version they started on.

From your dashboard, it's easy to delete all of your test processes before you launch the workflow with the public. Be sure to delete any test processes so that your overall data and statistics are accurate. For more on how to delete processes, check out this overview.

Once you're ready to launch your workflow publicly, you use the same link that you shared for testing. Just paste it into your City's website or share it via email.

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