It's important that applicants know how to get help when they're using ClearForms (if they need it).

Applicants generally have two types of questions or needs:

  1. Occasionally they need help with the website itself (thankfully, it's quite rare that applicants need technical support with completing a basic workflow, since ClearForms is designed to move them quickly through required steps).

  2. It's much more common that they have a question about the process (they don't understand a question, they're not sure if they meet the requirements for a program, or they want to connect with a government employee).

When an applicant clicks on the "Support" tab on ClearForms in the bottom left corner of their screen, they see something that looks like this:

CityGrows Support Tab

If they click "This website isn't working properly" they're directed to the ClearForms support team via our online chat. However if they click "I have a question about this process" we try and direct them to check the FAQ associated with the workflow they're on. 

CiyGrows process support pop-up

So it's good to make sure that the most common questions you get are included in that FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)!

Here's how to add to the FAQ: From the workflow editor, click on the "Settings" tab and then click on "Support"

CityGrows Workflow support Settings

Once that's open you'll see the option to change the Support Contact (that's the person who will receive emails or notifications about support requests) and to add FAQS or edit any that have already been added.

*Please note that users also often start "Discussions" with staff when they need help, Discussion notifications go to all Admins on a workflow

To add a new FAQ, click the "Add" button to the right of the bolded "FAQs" lettering

Add FAQ page

From here, you can edit the question and supporting answer. Once finsihed, click the "Save FAQ" button at the buttom and your FAQ will appear to all applicants. You can add as many FAQs and Answers as you like!

 If you find that you're getting the same question multiple times, add the question and answer to your FAQ!

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