If you're the first person from your organization using ClearForms, you are automatically provided with Administrative (Admin) access on any workflow you set up. If you set up the workflow, you're the "Owner" and have full Admin privileges (you can edit all aspects of the workflow). For example you can:

  • Add or remove steps

  • Change the questions and answers and field settings in Collect Information steps

  • Add reviewers or additional admins.

  • Publish the workflow

You can be an Admin on some processes, and a Reviewer on others via a Role (a group of ClearForms admins that can be added as Reviewers to any workflow on the same Team). Learn more about how to add and adjust Review access via Roles here. A list of all admins is visible in the Settings/ Permission section of each workflow You'll probably want to have at least 2 people with Admin access to each workflow, just as a backup in case one person is not available.

To add a new admin, open the workflow and navigate to the Settings tab. Select Permissions and you'll see a list of people already included and a line where you can add new people.

CityGrows East Williston Building Permit Permissions Page

You can search for someone to add as an Admin by typing their name. If they're in the system already, just select their name from the list that will pop up.

If they're not already in the system, you can add their email address and send them an invite to join ClearForms. They'll be invited to create a ClearForms account and then added as an admin to the workflow once they do.

Once you add someone as an admin, you can select whether you want them to just "use" the workflow (for example, advance each process and fill in collect info steps required from team members) or whether they can Edit the workflow. Editors have the ability to add or remove steps, fields, and change logic - basically full control of the workflow, so share that access carefully. If you ever want to remove an admin, go to Permissions, find their name, and select "Remove User."  Anyone who is added as a reviewer on any step of the workflow automatically is added to the Permissions section as well.

When you are ready to add your colleagues from Finance/ Accounting to help manage information about payments made through ClearForms, you'll add those people at the Team level via a Finance Role.

Unlike many other software companies, ClearForms doesn't put any limit on the number of admin users a government can have in our system. We want to encourage more people in your organization to use technology, not fewer!

Ready to get started bringing your processes, forms, and permits online as a ClearForms admin? Our "How ClearForms Works" page is a great place to start. 

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