Teams” allow administrators and finance people to access general and financial transaction information about a set of one or more workflows. Eventually, we'll also add more performance management metrics and aggregated data views at the Team level. Many small governments have all their workflows on one Team for their organization - larger governments usually have separate teams for different departments, and sometimes even for different divisions within a department. 

The Team is an administrative structure in ClearForms that groups workflows for payments and management.

When you start using ClearForms, you have a default team (your team name is based on your name to start with). If you're the first one in your organization to start using ClearForms, you might want to rename your default Team to be your Government's name.

Accessing your Team(s) 

You access your team page from the menu under the small person icon at the upper right of the screen. If you're the main admin for your government, you can visit your Team page and customize your logo and branding before you show your sample workflows to your colleagues so that they'll see your City's name and logo when you share them. You can create additional teams or change your team name or URL any time from your team page. 

CityGrows profile drop-down

First you'll land on a page that lists all your teams. To start, you'll just have your default team listed. Click on it, and you'll see a page that looks like this:

CityGrows team profile page

Add your government's logo for your Team's public portal page

From this page you can:

  • Customize your default team name (just type a new one on the line, and click save)

  • Customize the end of your public-facing team URL (same as above, just click on the URL extension and edit it. As long as nobody else has used it, you can save it).

  • Copy the full URL for your team (public portal) page (just click the blue "copy" icon and then paste it wherever you need it)

  • Upload or change your government logo (this will appear on the top left of all the public-facing workflows associated with the team

  • Add Roles to your team for finance and review access.

While you might think that you should add EVERYONE at your organization to your team, we'd recommend thinking about the team as a place for financial people and managers. Add the staff who will need direct access to manage your workflows to each individual workflow directly. Adding a user to a team is a good way for a management staff member (Department or Division Head, City Manager, or County Administrator) to be able to see across multiple workflows within a team, without having to receive multiple email notifications or have a dashboard cluttered with lots of processes.

Teams and bank payout accounts

It’s at the Team level that bank account/ payout information is set up and managed (click on Payout Preferences to set up bank account info for the first time), so it's a great place to add representatives from your accounting teams or finance departments who need access to reconcile transactions or see cash flows into your government's bank account.

All workflow payments from one team will go into the same bank account. If your organization has payments that should be sent to different accounts, a different Team should be created for each bank account. If payments from a workflow should go to that account, they’ll need to be in that Team.

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