Payout Email notifications

Each time there is a payout from your ClearForms account (a transfer from your government’s Stripe account to your government’s bank account), an automatic email is generated to alert Team members of the payout. The email contains information about the amount transferred and links back to the platform for more detail, and a .csv file of the payout data is attached. You can set the frequency of transfers in ClearForms (the default is daily transfer when funds are present).

Payout data and reconciliation

Once you have received a payment, you can view your payout data either by clicking on the link in the email you received notifying you about the payout, by viewing the .csv, or under the “Transaction History” tab on your Teams page by clicking on any of the View Payout links. Payout data can be viewed in ClearForms at any time, as well as exported into a CSV file (see below).

Payout amounts are subtotaled by Workflow type, with total charged to applicants, fees, and amount forwarded to your government's bank account broken out.

The Transaction screen displays a list of pending (processed on ClearForms but not yet transferred to the government bank account) and completed credit card transactions that can be sorted by date.

To facilitate reconciliation and recordkeeping, payment data can be downloaded in a CSV file by selecting ‘Export to CSV’.

The CSV file includes data on the status of the charges, the workflow steps, and the amounts paid. Here’s a sample of data in CSV form.

CityGrows CSV data page example

 Here's an overview of how to search within your transaction data:

Team members can search for account activity by date and export information as well. Data associated with each payout includes the workflow name, the event type (charge/refund/transfer), the amount, and the fee charged. This data expedites fund reconciliation and audit activities. Anyone on the Team associated with each workflow is able to access the financial information related to that team’s workflows.

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