CityGrows allows you to collect fees for permits and license online easily as part of any workflow.  In order to have that revenue transferred to your government's bank account, you must connect the account to the payment processor used by our software.

Governments can set up and manage their own payout account information in CityGrows. Once your bank account is connected, funds will be transferred from our secure PCI Level 1 payment platform (Stripe) where funds are held in a sub-account specific to each local government Team, to the specified government payout account on a schedule which you select.

To enter or update your payout account, you must first log in (or set up) a CityGrows government account associated with a Team. The primary administrator for your government can do this on their own, provided they have access to the government’s bank account information. However, we recommend including a representative from your organization’s Finance/ Accounting department on your Team(s).

As you’ll see from the list below, some of the information needed for setup is likely only known to your finance department.

Log into your CityGrows admin account then mouse hover over the small Account Icon in the upper right hand corner and select “Teams” from the menu. 

profile icon drop down CityGrows

This will bring up the following screen. Usually, there will only be one team listed but sometime you may have a "test" team here, or a department specific team. Select whichever Team you would like to work on if there is more than one available.

If you haven't configured your team yet, this is a great time to do so!

You’ll see all the teams  that you have access to.

CityGrows teams list

Click on the Team Name, and you’ll land on a screen that looks like this:

Citygrows Team Profile page

Select “Payout Preferences” to get to the payout account screen

CityGrows Payout Preferences page


Click on "Add a payout account."  You'll be asked to provide some personal information as the contact person, as well as information about your government and bank account information (account number, routing number, etc.). The validation process takes place on the Stripe platform, and will request:

  • A representative's name and information (for the person setting up the account on Stripe)

  • Your business (government) name (the way your government’s name appears on your bank account documents)

  • Government tax ID number (EIN)

  • Official government mailing address

  • Bank Account number

  • Bank routing number

Please select "Company" rather than "Individual" during setup.

This information is required in compliance with KYC regulations to prevent impersonation or misrepresentation and required by our banks. Governments cannot receive payouts without providing this required information.

CityGrows Identity Verification page

Enter the required company information and hit submit and continue.

The exact  set of screens you see next will depend on the information you provide and the fraud detection system of our payment processor, but the general information you will have to provide remains the same as above.

Once you have a payout account set up and verified, payouts will be tracked in the “Transaction History” tab of the Teams page. To change the schedule of your payouts visit the "Payouts Preferences" tab again after completed adding you account. You should see your connected account there and the option to change the payout schedule.

Whitelisting our payment processor with your bank

Many government’s bank accounts are set to automatically refuse unauthorized direct deposits. Please check with your bank to determine if there are any necessary authorizations to enable our payment processor Stripe to make deposits into your account. Usually this consists of whitelisting the following Stripe ACH Company IDs:

WFMSTRIPE1, 3270465600, 1800948598, and 2270465600.

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