Every ClearForms workflow Start page includes a Stats tab that displays information for the public. Unless the workflow is set to Private, data is displayed about the workflow overall, and the public can also access information about each individual process. Here's an example of what the Stats page looks like for the Inyo County Fictitious Business Name workflow (all data from this workflow is required to be public by statute). Explore this page yourself here.

CityGrows fictitious business statement start page

Additionally, applicants may benefit from access to data added into a process via Internal Collect Info steps (for example, if staff assigns a pickup date for a Bulky Item Trash Pickup.)

ClearForms collects data in a consistent way, so it's easy to create "open by default" data and public stats about every workflow in our system. We know that most small governments don't have the staff, time, or resources to set up their own open data portals. (Read more about what's included in the Stats page or the history of open data and transparency in government here if you're curious!).

We also know that you and your applicants value privacy, and each government that uses ClearForms controls the visibility of its own data. 

You decide for each field in each workflow whether information is included in the Stats page and visible to applicants and on the Activity page for each submitted process.  Here's an example of what the public sees if you click on an individual line in the Activity section at the lower right of the Stats page shown above.

CityGrows fictitious applicant business information page

As you can see, for this workflow there is a lot of data included in the Activity section. Open data is "on" for all fields.

Here's how to decide which information to show or hide from your workflow's Activity pages.  As you're setting up your workflow, for each field there is an Open Data toggle visible next to the Required toggle. If it's on (it shows as green, as you see below) then the information in that field will display in the aggregate (if visualization is supported for that field type) on the Stats page AND on each individual Activity page for each process.

Open data switch on CityGrows workflow

Most governments choose to make at least some information from every workflow public. For example you might want to make the Business Name and Business Address public for a Business Licensing workflow, but keep the Business owner's email and phone number with Open Data toggled off. It's up to each government.

You can also set an entire workflow to be Private, this is usually the case for government's internal / HR/ Personnel workflows.

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