Each Team in ClearForms has a Public Portal (Public URL) where people can go to see all of the workflows associated with that Team in one place. From the Public Portal page they can start processes and view statistics on your workflows. Access the Public URL from your Team page.

Here's an example of the ClearForms Featured Workflows Public Portal for the City of Chelsea, MA. This is how it looks to a logged-out user:

CityGrows Featured Workflows Public Portal

Directing constituents or businesses to a Public Portal / Public URL page is a good idea if you want them to see all the workflows available to them. We recommend, however, using a link to a specific workflow whenever possible (it will start with go.citygrows and is found from the View tab/ Use workflow link) to reduce confusion.

By default, all workflows you create will be available to anyone who visits your Public Portal page, whether or not they are publicly launchable. If you'd like to keep a process private, or restrict its launch to admins only you may do so by changing the workflow's Settings.

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