If you're a resident or business or received a link to use for a ClearForms workflow, read about how to get started here.

There are two different ways to start a ClearForms process as a government employee/ administrator: internally from the View tab, or by using the Start page (the way a constituent or business will) via a link or your organization's public portal.

Some governments use ClearForms for internal workflows like employee evaluations or routing of agendas - these types of processes are usually launched by employees/ admins.  And of course before going live with a new workflow it's important to test it!

Starting a process (using a workflow) from the Workflow page

There are two ways to Start a process internally.  You can click the "Start" option after clicking the green "Start workflow" button

CityGrows Use Workflow button drop-down

Or you can copy the unique link for the workflow (use the grey button with the two squares) and paste it into a new tab in your browser.  (We really recommend testing this way at least once so you can see how the Start page will look to your users). Plus the Start page is where you adjust the workflow description and banner image.  

(If you don't see this link, make sure the Show in Public Portal switch is "On" and the Template Status is "Published" in the workflow Settings).

CityGrows Workflow Settings Page

Any process that is set to Public and has been published will automatically appear in and be visible from your public portal.

Internal workflows

Processes are usually started internally when they don't involve an "applicant" or someone outside your organization. This might be the case if you're managing a purely internal process like a Human Resources or Contract process.

If the process is set to "Admin Only", it can only be started by users who are already set up as admins. Admins can use either the link or the Start button from the View tab to start an internal workflow.

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